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Skate Sharpening

Our staff have been trained professionally to ensure that you are receiving the best sharpening for your skate. Having your skates sharpened by someone unexperienced can not only cause damage to your blade and shorten the life of the blade itself, but it can also affect your skating performance! We recommend regular sharpening by our trained professionals. We even have options for you when you are on the road to prevent you from having to risk having your skates sharpened by an unexperienced skate sharpener.

Rivet Replacement

Broken or loose rivets can lead to additional loose rivets and fatigue of the holder. We can replace broken or rusted rivets on virtually any brand skate. Prolong the life of your favorite skate by replacing your rivets as needed. $2 per hole/rivet



Heat Fitting

A new pair of skates is exciting for any skater! Of course, all new skates come with one drawback – stiffness and soreness. Like new shoes, new hockey skates need to be broken in and this can take a while. For those who want to speed up the process, we provide a heat fitting service that will not only help break in your skates faster, but also get even the most stubborn pair of skates to give you a more comfortable and custom fit.

Our Services


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